Calza lunga 3195/0002
Missoni (Calza lunga 3195/0002)
Long sock of Missoni. 90% cotton, 10% nylon. Color: blue and black and white/beige
Camicia Edison 000.076
Jackson (Camicia Edison 000.076)
Classic men shirt. 100% cotton. Color 100 white
Canali (gw6309/53)
Canali Husky, color: brown
Cintura uomo
Paolo Da Ponte (Cintura uomo)
alcantara blue belt
Canali (760060.31)
Canali coat, 75% wool, 25% silk. Color blue
Abito Canali 18003.11
Canali (Abito Canali 18003.11)
Canali Suit, 100% pure virgin wool



Calza Jackson corta verde

3 PAIRS OF SOCKS, SHORT (BELOW THE CALF), chiffon/100% Fil d'Ecosse, twisted threat, inlaid by hand, flag green

Calza Jackson corta arancione

3 PAIRS OF SOCKS SHORT (BELOW THE CALF), chiffon/100% Fil d'Ecosse,, twisted threat, inlaid by hand, orange

Calza Jackson corta azzurra

3 PAIRS OF SOCKS SHORT (BELOW THE CALF), chiffon/ 100% Fil d'Ecosse, twisted threat, inlaid by hand, sky blue

Duty Free

Dear customer, the SUMMER 2013 Collection is available on line!

Jackson and Edison Men's wear:

In the heart of Rome, close to Piazza di Spagna, you can find two well-known stores for men's wear: Jackson, specialized in men's underwear, that sells a wide offer of shirts, jackets and accessories and Edison, dedicated in classic suits and sportwear.
Inside of both stores, customers from all over the world will be guided in a "journey in the universe of men's wear", where they will discover the best Made in Italy and international brands, garments of high quality with great care to details and fit, supreme handicraft and research of innovation and contemporaneity plus special promotions. Jackson and Edison stores offer all this and much more.
Enjoy and come to discover us!
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